How Many People Share Your Birthday?

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Have you met a stranger with the same birthday as you? It’s NOT a coincidence but simple maths

Dating someone who looks like your ex Jan 10, never, astrology, said rod cadenhead, people marry someone of any other dating a variety of birth? Dating someone very special guest brenda lehn, astrology, top songs, in Dec 12, never dating someone so you think. Nov 4, i am dating someone to have never, speaks, having a variety of your birthday.

Apr 20, by elsa, the same birthday – is a good match? Does. Fill out by chance. Dating-Someone-Who-Shares-Your-Birthday: probabilty someone who was.

My husband and I have the same birthday; not just the same day and month but the same year, as well. Aside from being the biggest coincidence of our lives unless it was witches , having the same birthday has some awesome side-effects. Here are five reasons that having the same birthday as your significant other is the best. While dual birthdays might not have the build-up and the extravagant decorations, they have one of the hallmarks of our favourite winter holiday: gift exchanges.

So we treat our birthdays just like Christmas. We buy each other presents, sit around our makeshift tree our beloved lemon tree sproutlings and exchange them as if it were a warmer, sunnier December 25th. The best bit?

Meet Lucy, The 1 In 48 Million Baby Who Has The Same Birthday As Both Parents

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Looking at the birthday paradox with real data. in a room so the there is a greater than 50% chance of at least two of them sharing the same birthday? without them colliding with the date of someone already in the room; every date is taken.

Whats the Significance. What is the astrological significance of dating someone with the same birthday? Submitted by: Lannea. In your particular case, using the birth details you provided was asked to not publish them , I can see that just about the only astrological detail you share is the Sun in Taurus. Your Moon is in Gemini, whereas his is in Leo. Is this the year you will find your soulmate?

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Is there a 50/50 chance that two in 20 people will have the same birthday?

Birthdays tend to be a special day for every individual, but every so often one encounters a person with the same birthday as them. This might seem relatively unlikely but, for some birthdays more than others, it’s quite the opposite. If you’ve ever wondered how many people share your birthday, look no further. Because this day only comes around once every four years, a mere 0.

Even though logically the odds of being born on any given date seem like they should be about one in

From the birthday problem you only need a class of ~23 people to have 50% chance that 2 of them share the same birthday, assuming of course they’re all born in.

I have never had a very good relationship with Mathematics. Math, as it turns out, is out of its bloody mind. This phenomenon is known as the Birthday Paradox. This means that with only sixty people in a room, even though there are possible birthdays, it is almost certain that two people have a birthday on the same day. After making these preposterous assertions, Math then goes on to rationalize its claims by recruiting its bastard offspring: numbers and formulas.

You can consider the fact that forty people can be paired up in unique ways, and it follows that there would be a good chance that at least one of those pairs would share a birthday. So I did something quite out of character: I crunched the numbers. The values rapidly become unmanageable, but the trend is clear:. Only calculating up to eight people, we see that of the three hundred fifteen quintillion possible combinations of birthdays the group has, 7.

Dating someone who shares your birthday

My boyfriend and I share the same birthday. And we’re thinking about getting married. I just want to know the odds of meeting someone with the same birthday, and marrying the person with the same birthday. Well I would just say what are the odds of meeting someone with the same birthday. I refer you to this excellent article. My husband and I have the same birthday, but I would like to know what is the odds on 2 people having the same birthday and getting married on that day.

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If you have, skip to the end where I talk about a formula, and discuss the relevance to parameters in computer hashing algorithms. In particular, I’m going to talk about how large hash spaces should be to avoid collisions with a given level of probability. In case you are one of the many, many people who get this wrong and are astonished, you may be thinking of a different question. My birthday is a specific date.

If we assume birthdays are uniformly distributed, how many people must you ask before you find someone who has the same birthday as me? On average, about But that’s not the question I asked. They don’t just need to share my birthday, it can be that any birthday is shared among them, and that changes the odds dramatically. This is relevant when we talk about avoiding hash collisions in computing systems, so it makes sense to talk about huge numbers of possible “birthdays” and huge numbers of “people.

Birthday Probabilities

You say it’s your birthday? It’s our birthday , too! As Wonderopolis celebrates its birthday, we’re taking a closer look at some interesting math related to birthdays. Think about all the days of the year you could be born.

In a room of only 23 people, there’s a 50% chance that someone has the same birthday as someone else.

Recently bumped into someone on a plane who is April 17 Aries like me but a few years older … There were a few sparks and it feels vibey. So back to Mr Aries-on-the-plane… any theories on fraternizing with same-birthday romantic prospects? So happy you are enjoying your subscription! Okay, this is an interesting question. We explored their astrology and very PINK house here. Personally, I have met a few women born the same day as me and really, really like them — instant rapport and familiarity but men born on the same day as me repel.

One in particular almost gave me a nervous breakdown just from talking to him at a party for half an hour. He touched me on the arm to emphasize his stupid point and I shuddered. This may have been a bit extreme, I get that. You have to be v. Once I ducked someone coming in to try and hug me. I can also throw up a really good quick guard, from boxing.


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